Police Hero Cross
Police Hero Cross
Police Hero Cross
Police Hero Cross

Police Hero Cross

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From celebrating your bond with friends and family or memorializing a departed loved one, the Police Hero Cross is a bright, beautiful reminder of what's most important. 

Ever-lasting Light

Powered by God's sunlight and low-consumption batteries, the cross charges during the day to reveal brilliant light once the sun sets. No wiring or maintenance upkeep required.

Built For Life

Durable acrylic resists all weather conditions, regardless of climate. UV resistance also protects from fading and cracking with long hours in the sun.

Good For Any Occasion

It's the perfect addition to yours or a loved one's garden, yard, or plot. Also makes an ideal gift for the spiritual ones in your life. 
Back in 2014, before Eternal Light, I was working a construction job until God had a different plan for my life. God's plan was secretly hidden inside of a very horrific work accident that consisted of me falling through an open hole in the floor that dropped me 30+ feet slamming into steel plate flooring on the next level.
After 45 minutes of unconsciousness, I came to begging for God while trying to endure the pain of multiple broken bones, a split open head, a collapsed lung, and other life-altering injuries. Pleading for everyone around to just pray with me.
God saved my life that night, and then he left me with a voice and a mission... Eternal Light Co.
My name is Trent Fikes, and I am the founder & CEO of Eternal Light Co. I'm on a mission to create products and build a Christian Brand that provides products, services, and an experience that brings glory to God. To make a positive impact on everyone we encounter at Eternal Light. 
Since 2014, Eternal Light Co. has received over 50,000+ testimonials about how our products have impacted our customers' lives, and that is the most fulfilling part of this journey.
I appreciate your support and I look forward to hearing from you. 
Trent Fikes
Founder / CEO
Eternal Light

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