Flower Arrangement - Basket #3

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*** This is an exclusive premium arrangement. ***

***Basket included

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✔ BASKET DESIGN... Most winds won’t lift or tip over these baskets 


✔ LONG-LASTING… our cemetery decorations are made with premium silks that will not bleed or fade
✔ ZERO MAINTENANCE… as neighboring flowers wilt these flowers will look great with no effort

✔ VERSATILE… use the basket arrangement indoors, on the patio, or at the cemetery

Keeping your loved one’s grave flowers looking clean & fresh can be a real commitment, however, Eternal Light's
Flowers look natural and stay fresh longer. 


Real flowers are expensive to replace and often require a lot of time to keep tidy, here’s why our flowers
are a great buy…

  • UV resistant materials – last longer in the sun
  • Non-bleed colors – pigments won’t stain the grave stones
  • Cemented Basket – flowers won’t blow out in the wind
  • No effort freshness - nothing for you to do but put them in the vase
  • Use in any location or setting - Cemetery, Home Garden, Patio
  • Keep fresh  - so you won’t need to keep replacing wilted flowers


All flowers are quality controlled to
meet our UV protection & bleed-resistant color standards. They’re fitted with our Brick Mounting design so the
wind won’t blow them out.