My Favorite Things About My Dad

Hey guys! So this week I'd like for us to share the parts we loved the most about our loved ones. Even though they're no longer with us, it's still important to remember all the many ways they made us smile. Especially since those exact things can be what make it so painful to heal. Now I personally LOVE lists! It's so satisfying to me to be able to mark things off a list full of stuff I needed to do or brainstorm about something to see what all I can add to it. But that's not how you have to do it! You can tell a story about something you loved about them, write a poem, post a picture of them doing something or whatever makes your heart happy. All of the things that I know about my Dad are things that I was told. Yet those little nuggets of information paint the picture of who he is in my head. So here's a list of some of my favorite things:

-We got glasses at the same age

-He was funny.

-He called every meat chicken when he was little and so did I.

-We have the same eyes.

-He was kind.

-He was a hard worker.

-He was shy until he knew you.

-He liked dinosaurs.

-He had curly red hair.

-He had a mullet and I just think that's crazy cool.

-He was devoted to my mom.


I look forward to reading about your loved ones and getting to know you better through that!

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