Encourage One Another

This Sunday, our lesson was about encouraging others. In Acts 27, Paul was on a boat in a bad storm and had gotten divine confirmation that the boat would crash, but they would all survive. He encouraged the other men on the boat to be courageous and trust God. Even though he was enduring a storm, as well, he helped others through theirs. He shared what he had been given.
We are all dealing with something - the people around you need to be lifted up and encouraged. Your problems will actually seem a lot smaller if you pay attention to what those around you need. Encouragement is so important to the church body. God doesn’t merely recommend it; he explicitly commands it.
Make it your mission to encourage one person a day. Ask God to reveal who it should be. And then be obedient when someone crosses your mind. I know for me, it feels so good to randomly hear from someone saying they were thinking of me or praying for me - what a great feeling! I want to be that to someone today.
May the Lord do more than we can imagine through just a little encouragement. 


  • Steven Kolln

    Please forgive me. I had a misunderstanding that resulted in me becoming unreasonable in a very bad way with you. I was being subject to frustrations that I couldn’t handle at the time. But no excuses, I was wrong to behave so chaotic, toxic & destructive in expression. I have the warrior shirt & do not deserve to wear it but somehow wear it proudly. I love your creative endeavors to help people & can only hope to do the same someday. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Teresa

    Love this message on encouragement!! Do you have stickers? I would really love to put one on my work locker for all nurses walking in to see & remind them!! Our floor has been turned into the covid unit. We need that reminder!

  • Linda Dela Garza

    Amen 🙏 we r brethren and the Lord says that where 2r3 r gathered in my name there I am in the mist of thee

  • Myrh Lee S. Nierras

    This email was an encouragement to me today (I just got to read it in detail just now). Today I did text someone that I’d met at church for the first time a few weeks ago. I let them know that I’d missed seeing their sweet family since the first time we met. She responded right away and blessed me with her sweet words. God definitely does work in and through us! My friend and I were both unexpectedly blessed today! 🥰

  • Alisemary Becker

    Thank you for sharing and lifting me up! God is so good. Praise the Lord!

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